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These are an accumulation of historical resources which inform the history of the Apalachcola area. Some are unique to this page, like the Historical Names in Apalachicola Area excel spreadsheet (developed originally at the Apalachicola Municipal Library). Others offer internet access to important historical information like the Territorial Papers (5 volumes) available through Hathitrust.org.

We also post event videos and PowerPoints. The AAHS has also just established a YouTube Channel and will be adding Spring Speaker Series videos.

If you would like to assist the AAHS in providing the best information on this page, please contact us with possible additions.  Leave message at 850-653-1700 or email AAHs.raney@gmail.com. We will gratefully accept appropriate additions

EXHIBIT TO FOLLOW SOON: Dr. Lou Hill of Tallahassee has agreed to exhibit some of the artifacts from his dig along the riverfront. The following is the Powerpoint presentation he gave a couple of years ago.   It is well worth looking at:  "Fire and Fury and Flood" Powerpoint 

NEW: Early Apalachicola History Handout with Bibliography AAHS 2023

Apalachicola Historical District: Federal Register application/approval for designation (short version)

In honor of the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Territorial Period. Access to the 5 volumes of Territorial Period Papers is available at www.hathitrust.org. 

Vol 22 1821-1824 

Vol 23 1824-1828 

Vol 24 1828-1834 

Vol 25 1834-1839 

Vol 26 1839-1845 

SRING SPEAKER SERIES 2023 texts coming soon, Videos will be on out YouTube Page

Presentation Powerpoint Marshall Brothers by Donia Smith April 2023

VIDEO: James Hargrove on Gorrie's Magnificent Obsession April 2022

VIDEO: Kevin Bair on Everyday Life in Apalachicola May 2022

and Bair "Dr. John Gorrie “Father of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning”?"

James Hargrove Life & Times of William Augustus Bowles  Spring Speaker Series 2021


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2020 Video Tour of Raney House

Chesnut Street Cemetery Walking Tour   

Chesnut Cemetery: Historic Preservation Plan Summary

FULL 2016 Miller Report (400 pages)

Miller Interactive Walking Tour (also on Cemetery tab)

Another video, from September 2022 Heritage Dinner (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfJcmzH75DU)

Newspaper Articles
The AAHS features articles written about area history. Click on the links below to read.

Apalachicola Times 2018 on Commerce in Franklin County by Mark Curenton. Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5

Chasing Shadows: Apalachicola Times

Articles by Pam Richardson

How a Sicilian family shaped Apalachicola April 2023

Gibson Inn Shaped by Siblings 2019

What Became of Popham’s “oyster factory” 2019

What’s In a Name? 2020

Apalachicola's 19th century Brick Masterpieces 2020

Nightengale's Journey from Berlin to Bees 2020 

Gibson Road Family Rooted in Agriculture 2021

"Celestials", an Altercation, and the Boarding House 2020

Memories of the Hill's 'Miss Love' 2020

A most rare piano 2020

Treating Drug Addiction, a century ago 

Other Chasing Shadows Articles

2020 Blockade Running and the "Abominal Old Hag" 

by Mark Curenton

A Deeper Look at Dr. Chapman  2020 by Caty Greene

Carrabelle Becomes a Town on Christmas Eve 2020

by Tamara Allen, Carrabelle History Museum

Richardson Explores Hill History (Adlerstein) 2019

Grady Family Story 2020 by Pam Richardson

Articles by Lois Swoboda

Prominent Citizens In Repose Apalachicola Times 2010
Cold Ground In Snow Hill, Apalachicola Times 2010
Magnolia Cemetery, Apalachicola Times 2010
Buried Along The Bay, Apalachicola Times 2010
Isle of Rest, Apalachicola Times 2010

Memories From A Mortician, Apalachicola Times 2011

New York Times Articles from long ago

New York Times 12/12/1894
New York Times 121/09/1894
New York Times 06/05/18

Independent Publications

Sail and Steam Vessels serving the Apalachicola Chattahoochee Valley by Harry P. Owens

Antebellum Cotton Port (Note: typo on page 3, "slaves" should be "staves" wood) by Dorothy Dodds

Private Journal of S.A. Floyd

The Civil War, The Ice Trade, And the Rise of the Ice Machine by Kevin Bair

Pierce Mounds Complex: An Ancient Capital in Northwest Florida  Nancy Marie White Dept of Anthropology University of South Florida

Working list of Historical  Names in Apalachicola Area . This is an ongoing project, originating at the Apalachicola Municipal Library. Names taken from indexes of publications have been put in an Excel spreadsheet, with source and brief descriptions. The Bibliography of sources materials is also included. This document is for research purposes only and it still being revised and updated.

Apalachicola Historic Guidelines

Sanborn Maps These are Fire Insurance maps of Apalachicola for 5 years dating between 1897-1922

There are a number of resources featuring historic photos of the area. Click on the links below.

Florida State Photo Archives

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